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Fruitfly Control

Fruit flies have caused major damage in fruit trees across the pacific and in Palau. They have caused 90% of fruit loss on the island. The female flies damage unripened fruits by injecting their larvae into the fruits by their stinger. As the larvae grow they devour the fruit from the inside out. Catching female fruit flies with existing methods have been proven difficult, but a new cost-effective method is being tested and has produced promising results. Future plans in expanding the methods and traps used are under way to trap and control fruit flies on a larger scale.

-Mederang Takeo



Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle

The Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB), a.k.a. Oryctes rhinoceros, is an invasive insect that kills coconut trees and other palm species by feeding on the plant’s crown. There is a confirmed presence of at least two biotypes of the CRB in Palau, Nudivirus (OrNV) resistant CRB-G versus all other CRB types. The resistant CRB-G has caused the devastation of palm trees throughout Southeastern Asia and Pacific. Multiple institutions across the globe have been working to help control and eradicate CRB. 

-Melemalt Benedict

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