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Pacific Storytellers Cooperative: 2017 PAIR Camp Students are coached in expression with Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner telling THEIR STORIES.


Annual Summer Program

Started in 2017, the summer camp involves college and high school students on the PCC campus with fieldwork throughout Palau to learn and teach problem-based learning skills through scientific research to support existing local studies on health, nutrition, food security, non-communicable disease and approaches to sustainable development. In the process of working on these studies students will have the opportunity to learn science concepts and skills from university professors who are experts in these specific fields and then apply those concepts and skills to support relevant ongoing research studies in their community. The program is a blended approach that includes embedded, on-the-ground services, as well as virtual services to ensure program participants have access to the expertise needed to guide their understanding of how our communities are using science to addresses critical health and development issues.  The students will be exposed to real activities and work that is done in Palau and the region to promote future education in science and health; and eventually careers/activities on island that are sustainable.

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Meet the PAIR Team


Marinca Faimau


My name is Marinca Faimau, proud daughter of John Faimau and Kumiko Faimau. I'm 17 years old, and currently a student--senior--in Palau High School. I major in Health Pathway. Being involved in health is something I love doing since I was in the 5th grade; it's my dream. I love working and helping out children with whatever they need. This summer, I got the opportunity to join PAIR Camp has been life-changing for me. The camp helped me attain confidence, leadership, responsibility, and teamwork. I've always thought science was difficult, but the camp proved me wrong. I have learned to do things that I have never imagined myself doing: data collection, DNA extractions, etc. Thank you for the great experience. My goal is to become a Pediatrician.

Raimunt Mesubed


My name is Raimunt Mesubed, I am going to be a sophomore in Palau High School SY 2018-2019. This summer, I joined the PAIR camp and it was fun. I learned a lot about plastics and its effect on our environment and also about the CRB (Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle) and its effect on coconut trees. Thank you for the amazing experience this summer. My future goal in life is to have a degree in mechanical engineering and work as a Sr. Flight Controls Systems Engineer.


Jesse Ramarui


Pair Camp 2018 was both a fun and helpful experience for me. Throughout this program, I engaged in various projects from surveying food habits to lab dissections of invasive CRBs. I plan to pursue a degree in environmental marine science. Thank you.


Justin O. Ramarui


Pair Camp for summer ‘18 has been a very educational and, above all, a very fun experience. Over the past two months we worked on our three research projects: CRB(coconut rhinoceros beetle), Food Habits Survey, and Plastic Trash Collection.
For the duration of Pair Camp, we went on several trips to visit all of our field sites where the whole team and I conducted our field work assessing the coconut trees, surveying households, collecting CRB specimens from our traps, and doing several coastal cleanups. I personally enjoyed Pair Camp because I had a lot of fun working and  just hanging out with the whole team. I also learned a lot about conducting field research work and got a chance to work with new students participating in the program. Overall, Pair Camp has been a very great experience for me and I would recommend this program to any student
Interested in doing research work.

Albright Jackson


My pair camp experience was very good. I learned many things, & I really think this is a good program because I had a really positive experience. through this program, I learned how to work in the field, by actually going and collecting data on the field, and that is why I really enjoyed the program.
My goal in the future is to become a marine biologist.


Jimson Blailes


Pair camp is so cool. I learned so many good ideas. I also made new friends and most of all I had fun. XVIII

I am so looking forward to join this camp next year cause it’s so cool bro....

Grayson Kloulchad


Pair Camp was fun. We collected data and did surveys. It was a good experience. My goal one is to become a structural engineer.


Joener Kingsang 


My name is Joener Kingsang. I am a graduate of Palau High School. This summer, I joined the PAIR camp and it was fun. I learned a lot about Palau's food habit and how it has changed over the years and the great impact it has done to our life and culture. I also learned about the CRB (Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle) and its effect on coconut trees. Thank you for the amazing experience this summer. My future goal in life is to have a degree in bioengineering and become a bioengineer here in Palau.


Jason Ngiramengior


My name is Jason Ngiramengior I'm 18 years old and I have been in the Step Up program since last year. Throughout the whole Pair Camp, I learned about CRB's continuous effect on coconut trees and also some interesting facts from other camps. I also got to be able to meet other people and go to other places in Palau.

Not pictured (bios pending): Aimie Oilouch, Jose Thomas, Leah Bukurrou, Melemalt Benedict, Ayanna Ramarui, 'Dibuk Seid, Justice Reddin, Kulas Sengebau, Yuki Nakamura, Kobe Moses, Albright Jackson, Junior Yalap and Rhie Nagata.

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